Justin Bieber and his former mentor Usher are embroiled in a crazy $10 million lawsuit! They’re accused of stealing their hit song, “Somebody to Love,” and have been ordered to appear in court. Although the lawsuit was dismissed in 2014, it has been brought back up again in appeals.

Two songwriters from Virginia, Devin Copeland and Mareio Overton, claim that the pop star duo copied parts of their track. And a new set of judges agree that could be the case!

“After listening to the Copeland song and the Bieber and Usher songs as wholes, we conclude that their choruses are similar enough and also significant enough that a reasonable jury could find the songs intrinsically similar,” Judge Pamela Harris wrote.

Wow, this is crazy! Justin has been sued before, but those incidents usually involved physical altercations. This is about a song that was released when the pop star’s career was just starting out — we wonder how he feels about it now.