Now that is a big news, not just for PC but her fans as well!
Earlier this year Priyanka Chopra was in Los Angeles shooting for the pilot episode of her upcoming ABC show Quantico. The actress was signed on under a talent development deal by one of the largest television studios in the West to feature in a show as a central character. In the ABC show which is titled Quantico, PC plays the role of Alex Parrish who is a half-Caucasian, half-Indian FBI trainee which a haunting past. The actress trained for and shot the pilot episode for two months and before coming back to India she revealed that it is up to the ABC network now whether or not to flesh out Quantico as a full-fledged prime time show.

Well, the good news just came in! Priyanka’s debut show in the West has indeed been picked up by the ABC network and will now feature as a recurring show in 2015-16 during prime time season! This is an exciting news not just for PC but her fans as well who have eagerly been waiting to watch PC make her TV debut in the West. PC maintained it from the very beginning that she won’t play a stereotype of an Indian girl on a Western show and that is exactly what she got!

During her stay in LA, PC also recorded her next single with Sam Spiegel although that is still in the making! We literally can’t wait to watch Priyanka make her big TV debut in the West and we wish her all the luck! Are you equally excited to hear about this news?