John Cena Talks Why He’s So Loyal To WWE, If He’s The Next Rock, Initial Reaction To Total Divas, More

– WWE United States Champion John Cena recently spoke with FOX 411 to promote Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck movie. Below is video of Cena discussing kids’ poor health and here are highlights:

FOX411: You’re starring in two movies. Are you the next Dwayne Johnson?

John Cena: There is only one Dwayne Johnson. What Dwayne has done is absolutely fantastic. He had a vision when he was here at WWE. He promotes like a mad man. We’ll see how I do with John Cena before I can be mentioned in the company of Dwyane Johnson.

FOX411: You seem like a relatively private person. Is it odd having your personal life open for public consumption?

Cena: It is weird. When they came to us with the concept of “Total Divas” it wasn’t so accepted around [the WWE]. Those girls who chose to put their lives are some of the bravest. I wanted nothing but success for her.

FOX411: You recently said you would never leave the WWE. Why are you so loyal?

Cena: There will be a time when I won’t be able to perform in the ring. I’m 38-years-old. So, if I’m not in the ring I want to be involved in some way. I love it! I watch every single match because I enjoy it. It’s been 12 or 13 years now, the audience is so exciting and electric. It keeps me coming back.

FOX411: If you could face-off against any wrestler dead or alive who would it be, and who would win?

Cena: Past: Stone Cold Steve Austin because he was truly inspiration to me. Our audience wouldn’t mind seeing that. In the same breath there are some present stars that I haven’t faced off with. Hopefully, down the line I look forward to facing those new faces.