– WWE United States Champion John Cena recently spoke with Caller.com to promote Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Below are highlights:

The US Title:

“I don’t think the United States Championship has been given the respect it deserves. It truly is the trophy of our country.”

His springboard stunner:

“I’ve been watching a young man for a long time named Steve Austin. It’s something similar to (the Stone Cold Stunner). And I knew I was going to have to bring something a little special for Rusev. Believe it or not, with all my in-ring experience, I actually took back to the canvas, and practiced a little bit, had some fun; and that’s what I came up with.”

His US Open Challenges:

“I want to give (the opportunity to) those new Superstars. Maybe those Superstars who feel they’ve been shackled down without a chance. I use Daniel Bryan as a fantastic example. The stuff that kid had to overcome to get to the main stage. I think there’s a lot of those individuals out there; and I want to use the United States Championship platform to, at least, give those guys a chance to step up to the plate.”