Jackie’s wife had filed a case against the Style actor for duping her of Rs 5 crore

The Sahil Khan-Ayesha Shroff controversy is getting uglier. Last week we reported how Sahil’s lawyer produced intimate pictures of Sahil in a ‘compromising position’ with Jackie Shroff’s wife Ayesha and claimed that Sahil and Ayesha did not just share a professional relationship.

Now we hear, Jackie is all set to file a defamation case against Sahil Khan for defaming his wife and trying to intimidate her. A source close to Tiger Shroff’s mother said, ” Ayesha is ready to fight this case till the very end.”

Ayesha had recently filed  a formal case against Sahil for duping her of Rs 5 crore. According to Ms Shroff,  Sahil didn’t return her the money she gave him to buy some gifts for her family. According to her complaint, she had expressed her interest in buying an expensive car for Jackie. Khan had apparently claimed that he can help her get a discount and, hence, she gave him Rs 1 crore. Ayesha also claimed that she had paid him extra for an expensive watch for her son and diamond earnings for her daughter.However, the Style actor, even after receiving the amount, neither handed over the gifts nor returned the money. Thus, Ayesha filed a cheating case against him in November 2014.

Sahil’s advocate denied the claim saying, “The prosecution is alleging that Sahil did not give back the gifts which Ayesha had asked him to buy with the money given by her for an expensive car for her husband, an expensive watch and a pair of diamond earrings. If she is saying that their’s was a business relationship, why did she ask Sahil to buy all this for her?”

Ayesha’s lawyer defended her saying that the accused party is trying to take the case off on a tangent that is unnecessary. The prosecution lawyer was quoted saying, “The court should not entertain the photographs as they do not concern the matter at hand. Also, if you (the defence) are showing such photos, we need the source as they could be morphed. We need Sahil’s custody so that we can investigate about the cheating, the gifts that he has not given back and about the phone from which the pictures were taken.”

The final hearing of this case is scheduled for February 13. Till then, keep watching this space for the latest updates.