While the wrestling world is debating whether Sting, Roman, Brock, or Daniel Bryan will highlight WrestleMania 31, the only guy that will steal the show is Seth Rollins.

Over the past year, there has been no wrestler that has soared and stood out as much as Seth Rollins. When the long rumored split between The Shield members came to fruition, many speculated that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will be the stars going forward, and that Rollins would eventually fall into obscurity. Ten months later and Rollins has become the clear star of the group, while WWE has forcefully pushed Reigns on the audience, and Ambrose has been meddling between mid-card and filling in on main eventing occasionally.

Rollins has been the best heel in wrestling–period. On-screen he’s been the chosen face of The Authority. His status was cemented when he captured the Money In The Bank Briefcase earlier in the summer. It’s been a slow, yet effective push for Rollins, with an ultimate payoff that’s been planted for Mania.

Sure, there have been some bumps along the way. Notably the scandal with the naked pictures recently. The WWE didn’t even flinch, while other talents could have seen repercussions for the negative attention to a PG show. If that isn’t a vote of confidence in Rollins, then I don’t know what is?

What WWE was smart to realize is that unlike Reigns and to an extent Ambrose, Rollins has the complete package (no pun intended). He’s a natural on the mic. Plays a smart and respectable ruthless heel. He’s has a marketable look. Most importantly his ring skills are elite, and much more polished than the guy who is main eventing the show.

It seems like Rollins career is comparable to another guy who came from the indies and set the world afire with a pipe bomb. CM Punk was never the biggest of guys on the roster, neither is Rollins. Punk was supremely skilled and a developed product in the ring prior to his arrival in WWE, so was Rollins. There are some notable parallels between the two. The experience of having Punk as one of the faces of the company for a few years, gives them some insight on how to handle and utilize Rollins.
Seth Rollins

Will Seth Rollins be smiling at the conclusion of WrestleMania?

Now, as to what WrestleMania means to all this. Rollins has been involved in a long brooding feud with Randy Orton. It could easily be a match that steals the show, but the importance of it is how it will move the storylines after Mania. Orton might or might not, probably won’t go over Rollins in the match. Either way WrestleMania is the logical place to put an end to their feud. This shouldn’t and won’t be the last we see of Rollins that night.

The uncertainty of the main event is concerning. Will Brock stay or will he go? Will Roman get booed out of the San Francisco Bay if and when he defeats Lesnar? Can Roman lead the company post-Mania as the champion?

The point is, none of these questions should be answered. As much as most fans believe that Roman has been the hand-picked choice to lead the company, he’s mainly being groomed to be the placeholder for Rollins. The Money In The Bank Briefcase plays a significant part in all of this. There is no way Rollins would be holding it for as many months as he has if they didn’t play to make him champion.

The reason he’s not main eventing Mania is because of the briefcase–he needs to cash it in! The end of Mania will be fairly simple, kill two birds with one stone. Reigns goes over cleanly on Brock. That establishes Reigns as a legitimate option as a upper-tier face in the company, while not putting the pressure on him to carry it. Gives him more time to grow and get acceptance from the fans. Rollins steals the show and adds somewhat predictable and necessary twist by cashing in the briefcase on Reigns to close out the show. He finally accomplishes what he’s been groomed for the entire year–winning the title. Rollins is ready for that.

There is a potential for things to get tricky with that. The crowd could be down on Reigns winning, that a Rollins cash in would result in a massive pop for a heel character. WWE would hate that, but that would clearly establish that Rollins has arrived, the fans want what they want and if Rollins is that, then give it to them.

While Bray and Taker might be the match to see. Sting and HHH being the match everyone has waited for. Roman and Brock being the match that most didn’t want. When WrestleMania 31 concludes and the fireworks will set-off from the Levi’s stadium, the one thing that everyone will be talking about is the arrival of the new face of the company.. Seth Rollins.

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