Zayn Malik surprised us by dissing Naughty Boy, and now Directioners are speculating that there’s some behind-the-scenes tension between them! Apparently, the Bradford Bad Boy wants better management for his solo career. A source told The Mirror that the former One Direction singer wants to get a new manager, which means that the producer would have had to step out of Zayn’s life sooner or later.

“Until now, things have been a bit up in the air and a lot of the public information about Zayn’s career has come from Naughty Boy chatting about it. But Zayn has decided now is the time to get serious,” the source said.

He’s reportedly considering being managed Sarah Stennett, the CEO of Turn First Artists, which manages stars like Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, and Iggy Azalea.

“Sarah Stennett is very experienced. She’s one of the best in the industry – but she won’t want anybody around who is too much of a live wire or keeps gossiping. It might be that Naughty Boy will have to take a back seat in the new set-up.”

Since Zayn really wants to pursue a solo career, he definitely needs to get some professionals in his life. While Naughty might be good at producing, he probably shouldn’t be running his mouth about the singer’s projects without permission.