Jr Kapoor recently rubbished all the reports about him getting engaged to Kat however we have heard that the couple did exchange rings in London. Then why the denial? Is the Dhoom:3 babe worried about ‘married’ tag affecting her career?

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have been together for a long time now and last year the lovebirds even moved in together. With their relationship heading in the right direction, I expect wedding bells to ring soon for these two. And yes, how can we forget them being engaged? Despite RK denying the same, talks about their engagement and shaadi haven’t died down. So why are Kat and her beau still trying to keep everything under the wraps? Is Ms Kaif afraid about losing out on work and is that the reason why she isn’t vocal about all that is happening in her personal life? Well, that could very well be the reason!

It’s a common notion that actresses get sidelined after they get married. Neither filmmakers approach them nor good scripts come their way. Maybe that’s the reason why the Phantom actress doesn’t want to announce anything regarding her relationship status. Thinking her career could slow down, Katrina is therefore trying to stay away from all the ‘engagement’ and ‘wedding’ news.

Well, our theory could be wrong but if Katrina and Ranbir are engaged and gearing up to tie the knot, yes – that’s what the media reports claim, then our assumption may not be wrong after all.