Is Harry Styles Furious at Louis Tomlinson for His Twitter Feuds With Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy?

Rumors have been circulating that Harry Styles is mad at Louis Tomlinson for getting into Twitter spats with Zayn Malik and Naughty Boy — but it turns out, they’re totally fine! It all started when The Sun reported that Hazza was upset at his One Direction bandmate for causing drama.

“Harry is very aware of 1D’s reputation and doesn’t like getting into any public scrapes, especially with other members of the band. It’s fair to say his relationship with Louis has been strained for some time and the last couple of weeks hasn’t helped matters,” their source said.

However, an insider told The Mirror that they’re perfectly fine, and have been working on their fifth album together.

“Harry and Louis are working together in the studio in Los Angeles on 1D’s next album. They’re fine.”

Since they’re super-close, we don’t think that Harry would ever give Louis the cold shoulder just because he’s defending Directioners. While Hazza probably wants to stay away from the drama, it seems unlikely that he’d ice out his bandmate.

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