The film is yet to gain momentum in terms of popularity. Was it a risky proposition after all? Let’s find out!

When a production house like Fox Star Studios India entrusts an offbeat filmmaker like Anurag Kashyap to helm a big-budget bonanza like Bombay Velvet replete with stars like Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, you are definitely intrigued. Guess that heightened expectations from the film which is one of the biggies this year! But nobody can shake off the fact that a lot is riding on this film for Ranbir and Anurag, both of whom have a point to prove. Does that make Bombay Velvet the biggest gamble for both? If it is, then we wonder if it was worth taking the risk. Here’s why we think so…

Release date shuffle

Bombay Velvet was initially supposed to hit the theatres in Christmas last year. But given the fact that it was pitted against Aamir Khan’s P.K., the makers decided to push the release forward. So November 28, 2014 became the next date of release. However, the film got pushed ahead to next year. According to Kashyap and Kapoor, it was due to the post production work. The film will now release on May 15. There were rumours that Ranbir wasn’t happy with the first cut and wanted a re-shoot which the actor later denied in a written statement, putting all the blame on VFX.

Trailer tales

For a film, getting the right hits on its first theatrical trailer is very important. That says how much the film is anticipated or if people are excited about the film after watching the sneak peek.Bombay Velvet‘s trailer garnered mixed response which is something you don’t expect from a biggie like this. While some liked the retro feel, others didn’t find it exciting enough.

Music not to the ears

The songs carry the 60s feel with jazz and other numbers used in it. But none of the track has found too many takers. For Hindi films, it is important to make a connection with the audience through the music of a film. Vishesh Films will readily vouch for it.

Trade buzz

The trade circle too is watching the film cautiously. Komal Nahta too agrees that the first trailer wasn’t too effective while the songs will take time to grow. However, he feels the buzz is growing with the second trailer release. “The film looks very good after the second trailer has been released. As for songs, I believe given the 60s jazz feel, the tracks aren’t those which connects with the listeners instantly. I am of the opinion that the songs will work more after the film’s release.” Nahta revealed that he recently saw an entire sequence and found it very impressive.

We hope the belief that the songs will pick up and the buzz will escalate are enough to getBombay Velvet the figures it is aiming for upon release. With a Besharam and Roy behind, Ranbiris definitely looking for a clincher here while the film’s success will thrust Anurag into the league of extraordinarily big budgeted films’ league! Now it is your time to tell us if you feel the same.

Do you think Bombay Velvet is Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap’s biggest gamble?