The upcoming season promises to be deadlier than ever before. You will not believe what’s in this video!

India’s Got Talent’s new season is all set to see its premiere episode tonight on Colors. As always, the reality talent based series is being judged by Karan Johar, Malaika Arora Khan and Kirron Kher. We have the promo video of the show and let us warn you that this season is about to showcase a level of talent which you haven’t witnessed before EVER!

Filled with stunning dance sequences and deadly stunts, this video highlights the peak points of the new season, aptly. But every season of IGT also witnesses some rather gory acts by contestants, who believe swallowing glass or bathing in shit is talent. That’s right folks, believe it or not but  this time IGT will showcase a while new level of “ewww!” You have got to see the reactions our judges have to such acts. Where Malaika is nearly about to barf, Karan can’t stop howling and Kirron simple storms away. Well we don’t blame them!

The video also presents contestants who knock the judges right off their chairs with some mind numbing acts! Remember going ROFL wduring such stints in the previous seasons? Well history repeats itself this time and its better. Do NOT miss the video in order to exactly know what;s coming your way in this new season of IGT. Enjoy!