Responsible journalism goes for a toss, yet again…

What’s the role of media in a country like ours? I’d say depiction of facts as they are and reporting to the unsuspecting masses what they should know instead of pandering to their whims. Now ask me what the role of media has become? Media now operates to solely grab eyeballs and be sensational even if it entails using cheap tactics to get attention.

In a bid to get some extra hits on their website India Today published an article which read, “Deepika Padukone or Kim Kardashian who’s your choice for a one night stand?” I am not kidding you THAT is the actual headline of the article. If you don’t believe me check out the screenshot below…


“It is Deepika Padukone whom the Indian men want for a one night stand.” shamelessly declares the first line of the article.

India Today thought it would be appropriate to virtually pimp out the Piku actress by conducting a vox pop asking people who they’d rather sleep with for a night: Deepika or Kim. Not only is the subject of this article preposterous, it’s unabashed objectification of actresses as it reduces them to their vital stats and “hotness”.

Post the cleavage controversy with Times of India and the Bajirao Mastani actress calling out the publication on their blatant misogyny one would have expected media houses to show more respect to actresses. But after reading this article in India Today, seems like that change is far from happening.

What do you think of India Today’s misogynistic article on Deepika Padukone and Kim Kardashian? Share your opinions with me in the comments section below!