The actress who has her own production house Purple Pebble Pictures, spills the beans on her plans with the same and the way she will go about making films. Read on!

After wonderfully leading their films en route to box office successes, actresses are also taking the big leap into production. Anushka Sharma created a stir with her debut effort NH10 itself.Sonakshi Sinha has announced her production company with brothers Luv and Kush Sinha.Priyanka Chopra, too, is not far behind.

While PC has her own production house Purple Pebble Pictures in place, she talks about her choices and her ideas behind building the brand.

How it works…

Priyanka’s clear about what she wants from her production offerings. “As a producer, my only aim is to deliver content that the audience would want to spend their money on. I won’t take the audience’s intelligence for granted and end up making a stupid film. The reason I wanted to be a producer also has a lot to do with that. So when films like an NH10, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Kahaani and Piku — led by women — opened so well, it also shows that the mindset of the audience has changed and all they want is content. I always did a big budgeted film so that I could do a 7 Khoon Maaf or a Mary Kom. If I am a successful heroine, only then will I get a chhota budget for a heroine-oriented film. It’s the way the business works,” PC told us.

Madamjee still stuck

Madhur Bhandarkar’s Madamjee was to be PC’s first production venture. But the film has been delayed indefinitely. PC clarifies, “We have put it on hold for a long time actually. There’re a lot of things happening with the film, back and forth. So we put it on hold. It’s a script I hold dear to my heart. I hope someday we get to make the film. I love Madhur as a director and a friend. We wanted to work with each other since Fashion, but it’s never materialised. I hope it happens at some point in my life.”

High content, low budget

Ask Priyanka whether her films will be set in a particular genre and she shoots back. “No, I haven’t done that ever in my career. Why would I do it now? The only thing I know is that I am a small production house right now, so I am going to make small films. We are developing a lot of films at the moment and taking keen interest in the storytelling. I want to make high content, small-budget films.”

Didn’t approach Shraddha

Refuting reports that she offered Shraddha Kapoor a woman-centric film which the latter turned down, she says, “We haven’t approached anyone yet because we don’t have a story as of now. What will I approach an actor with?”

Won’t only be me!

Will she feature other actors in her films? She says, “Of course, I would be open to signing actors who suit the role. It doesn’t have to be me in all the films. I am hardly here because I am not getting time. I am toh not there. I could not even do Madamjee because of lack of time. But of course, I want to work with whoever wants to work with me.”