Hulk Hogan is now claiming that Gawker’s Nick Denton purposely leaked the story about The Hulkster using the n-word to poison Hogan’s $100 million case against Gawker and now he wants him thrown in jail.

According to TMZ, Hogan filed new court documents today in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker. In the docs, he asks the judge to launch an investigation into Denton and former Gawker executive AJ Daulerio to prove that they leaked details from the from the sex tape video.

Hogan claims the judge in his $100 million lawsuit deemed the n-word portion of the video “confidential” and blocked all parties from making it public. As Hogan’s case is nearing trial, Hogan says he believes Gawker leaked the n-word story to another media outlet last week because they knew it would make Hogan look bad and damage his case against them.

If the investigation proves his suspicions, Hogan wants everyone involved in leaking the story locked up and thrown in jail. Additionally, Hogan wants the judge to automatically declare him the winner in his $100 million lawsuit.