In an interview Thursday on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Anna Kendrick opened up about how much the whole "royal baby hype" doesn't make any sense to her.

"First of all, I don't know why anybody cares about the royal baby, because it's a baby! It hasn't done anything. It hasn't achieved anything. It was just born."

Anna said. She also mentioned that Princess Charlotte doesn't fully understand yet that the traditions and ways that people are celebrating both in England and the United States are for her.

"And the baby was on like a full page of the Daily Mail in the U.K.—the first picture of the baby, [and] it just looks like every baby. All babies look like sacks of potatoes. It just looks like a baby."

joked Anna on the late night show. She explained further, so that there are no name calling rumors – it is obvious that she just thinks all babies look alike! Anna has been so busy preparing for the release of Pitch Perfect 2 (in theaters now!) that it is understandable that she doesn't find newborns cute and cuddly. She doesn't have any children of her own at the moment, and with the way she is talking it sounds like she won't want any for a while!

Have you heard all of the talk about the new royal princess? What do you think? Do you agree with Anna's take on babies?