It’s not just the heroines, this pornstar-turned-Bollywood heroine is also standing at par with the leading men of film industry because of this decision of hers. Read on to find out what it is…

Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor  are Bollywood’s top actresses. These A-list heorines charge a bomb for their movies and endorsements. Not that the amount isn’t justified, it’s just that B-town actors follow a completely different format as far as their payment is concerned. However, there is something that none of these listed actresses could do, that Sunny Leone has done. And this smart move of hers has put her in the league of the leading men of the film industry.

Sunny Leone has recently changed the way she is paid for the films that she does. She has started following the profit sharing model of payment, most Hollywood actors follow, and many B-Town leading men have started doing more recently. She has thereby reduced her base fee for signing a film, which makes her more approachable for filmmakers. A source close to Sunny Leone informs, “The films that she works on are being promoted, marketed and sold on her name itself. So why not giver her some credit for the same? Heroes do get paid the same way as filmmakers sell the movie on their name and they earn millions out of the movie’s profits.” Sounds justified. Hai na?

With Sunny Leone’s films doing well at the ticket window, we feel this should work in favour of the sexy actress. She would end up getting better roles from filmmakers as they wouldn’t be worried about her signing base amount and at the same time Sunny too would be benefiting out of the success of her film. Well, looks like Ms Leone has a business acumen and is just making the right moves in tinsel town. Do you agree with us?