Here’s why Sooraj Barjatya’s ideal Prem is Mahesh Babu and NOT Salman Khan!

Though the Dabangg Khan will be back as Prem on the big screen once again, there is another superstar who I think can play the much-loved character better than Salman…
“I have changed so much, I’m not that pure person anymore, It is very difficult for me to become that Prem once again.” Yes, Those are the exact words of Salman Khan who will be gracing the big screen this year as ‘PREM’ after 15 long years courtesy Sooraj Barjatya’s next directorial venture Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. While the Being Human star has played the iconic role of Prem successfully so far, I do think Khan is right when he says he is not the same person anymore. He has changed so much over the years that he has lost that innocence which is synonymous to his onscreen character Prem. Also, his last few films have been of massy genre with loads of action. No doubt that Salman is still a family loving guy in real life and has played one in most of his films too but at this point its hard to associate him with adjectives like shy or a sanskari beta. Yes, he has still got the looks but we all know Prem is much more than that, right?

But there is one actor who is tailor made for the role of Prem. Yes, you heard that right and I am talking about none other than Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu. Read on to know why I say so….

He is the perfect family guy

That Mahesh Babu is extremely talented is known to all. But how often do you come across a superstar who is a good husband, a great father and a extremely dotting son. Yes, the Prince actor is all of it and that too in real life. He is one celeb who hasn’t had any link-ups and has neither courted any controversy. Hard to digest but that’s true. And that’s why I feel he is the ideal candidate to play Prem on 70mm. After all, Mahesh Babu wouldn’t have to act at all to pull off this one. He’ll just have to be himself.

He is actually shy in real life

Believe it or not, but Mahesh Babu despite being in a industry where you have to do a lot of talking on camera, he is exactly the opposite off the camera. Namrata Shirodkar’s hubby dearest has been in the industry for a long time but he is still the same as he was before becoming an actor. Much hasn’t changed for Mahesh Babu unlike Salman…wink wink!

He is down earth and polite

He rules the box office down South but that hasn’t affected him at all. He continues to be a humble being and at the same time the Okkadu hero is very polite. In fact, a B-town actress who recently worked with Mahesh Babu told us that the Telegu actor is also a thorough professional. She also revealed how the vibes on the sets were so positive and how the talented actor would come, do his work and leave without letting anyone get a whiff about it. Now isn’t that how Sooraj Barjatya works too? Guess I don’t need to say any further….

He is extremely good-looking and charming

Well, if you are a movie buff than this is something you must be knowing already. There is a reason why Mahesh Babu has such a huge female fan following all over the globe. Apart from his looks, the above all qualities put together only add innocence to his personality. So if not Mahesh Babu then I think there is nobody else who can play or be Sooraj Barjatya’s Prem.

Salman’s candid confession

Lastly, why I feel Salman Khan cannot be Prem is because he himself feels the same. Not too long ago the Bajranig Bhaijaan actor had said that he is having a tough time to play the iconic role as he has changed a lot, he has seen a lot more and he is no longer that pure person anymore. While SK is unlearning everything just to play Prem in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, I feel if Barjatya ever makes a film again where Prem is the antagonist then he should look no further than Mahesh Babu.

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