Did the actor’s walkout from Shhuddhi shock you? Here are some facts that might answer your queries…
It shook the industry when Salman Khan announced on Twitter last week that he is no longer acting in Shhuddhi. Karan Johar followed that tweet with the announcement that Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt were the film’s lead pair. There is silence from both sides as to why Salman Khan, who was super excited about working on the project, opted out.

This decision was taken months ago but was made public only now. Although Salman had made up his mind a while ago, he maintained silence till KJo had his cast in place. That was the understanding between them. A certain section of the industry is abuzz with news that the actor was offended that Karan was part of the AIB’s live show — The Roast, where jokes were made about his younger sister Arpita and he decided to walk out of the film.

Another rumour doing the rounds is that Shhuddhi required bulk dates from the actor, to the tune of 180 days, which the actor was not willing to commit to, so he and Karan parted ways amicably. “When Hrithik and Kareena were doing the film, they had given 200 days each for the project. Salman felt he could finish three films in those many days and so he reconsidered being part of the film,” an insider adds.

Whatever the real reason, Salman had decided very early on that he wouldn’t be a part of the film. But after multiple cast changes and delays, he was kind enough to wait until Karan found his new actors.