All you fitness gurus out there take a step back and make way for Baba Fakhri!

So we know Baba Ramdev as this ultimate yoga and fitness guru of the country. And I’m not denying that he is fit or that he isn’t knowledgeable. But you know what? When that damned pudding in the fridge is calling out to you to eat him up, Baba Ramdev is no help. What really works then is a hot pic of Nargis Fakhri in a two piece pasted on your fridge that’ll remind you of your goal each time you go near the pudding. Anyone, and I repeat, ANYONE who’s ever tried to pull down even a few inches will know what I’m talking about.

The actress not only tops the list of fittest actresses in B-Town, she also happens to be a source of inspiration to many women aspiring to have a bod as hot as hers. From her flawless figure to her glowing skin, Fakhri knows exactly how to be effortlessly beautiful.

So while the whole country is busy sharing Ramdev’s barely-ever-practical knowledge, I give you 3 really easy and practical fitness tips that I picked up from the sexy siren…

Gym’s boring!


Cool bro! Start dancing. So says Nargis. The actress herself finds it really boring to workout at the gym and claimed that she preferred Zumba as a cardio exercise. And for those who aren’t much of dancers, well just get up and go OUT. A self-confessed tennis and volleyball player, she says, “I prefer outdoor activities over the gym any day.”

Stress eating made un-stressful!


If you think actresses and models come from a different planet and do not stress eat as normal humans like you and me do, you’ll be happy to know that you’re much mistaken. Nargis, by self admission, is a stress eater. But instead of sitting with a giant bowl of ice cream, she chooses to hog on bananas and fresh vegetables.

Cheat and treat!


Do you remember all those times where you stretched your control to an extent that you could take no more and ended up eating twice as much wrong things as you otherwise would have? Yeah well, you could have avoided them. So here’s what Nargis says, “I try and monitor my diet as much as possible. But I also cheat, and treat myself.” If you’re wondering how it helps, then here’s the thing… when you stop pushing yourself and cheat once in a while, your cravings stay pretty much in control.