Dil Dhadakne Do is turning out to be one of the most-awaited films. The makers had me intrigued from the word go. Here is why…

Ever since Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do was announced, I waited on the edge of my seat to see its first look. The idea of a film with an ensemble cast featuring Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Farhan Akhtar and Anil Kapoor seemed the most exciting proposition Bollywood had offered to viewers in a long time. Now the wait to catch the first trailer of DDD is almost over and as I look back at all the waiting and build up, I realize how the makers created the buzz around DDD so intelligently.

Firstly, by keeping the plot of the film under wraps for the longest time, the makers of DDD piqued viewers’ interest in the film. We all eagerly waited to find out what will be the relationship dynamic between PC, Ranveer and Anushka. Eventually the plot, or at least parts of it was leaked and we found out all about the dysfunctional Mehra family on a cruise ship! Of course, that knowledge simply raised our curiosity a bit more, so did the poster of the entire DDD cast chilling on a cruise deck in the first poster of the film!

Then a steady flow of on-set pictures from DDD’s shoot were available online courtesy onlookers and fans. Throughout the making of the film, the production didn’t reveal any details about the characters and the fans were free to make their own assumptions about PC, Ranveer, Anushka and Farhan’s characters as per their on set pics!

The biggest winning moment for the makers was when we found out that they had managed to do the impossible and make Anil Kapoor age! I mean, we were really psyched to see how Anil, who had even gone on record to say that he wouldn’t play Sonam Kapoor’s dad onscreen, would play daddy to PC and Ranveer!

Along with news about Anil ageing came the news that PC and Ranveer were not to play each other’s love interests but each other’s siblings in the film! I remeber speaking to Priyanka EXCLUSIVELY when she told me that she didn’t find playing Ranveer’s wife (Bajirao Mastani) in one movie and his sister in another movie weird at all!

Talking about weird, when we found out that RS and Anushka are to play lovers in DDD, we wondered if things would be weird between the two, given their history. But we were equally thrilled to finally see the ex-lovers re-unite! Again, a brilliant move by the makers to cast ex-flames Ranveer and Anushka as each other’s lovers and have their fans waiting on haunches for the movie’s release!

As the trailer’s launch approached, the makers started unveiling posters for each of the cast members, one-by-one. Each actor from DDD got their individual poster. Even the Mehra family’s pet, Pluto got his very own poster and that move by the makers just hit home with the pet-loving audiences! Props to them for coming up with the idea to give the family pet a separate poster as we got to know from that that Pluto would have a really important role in DDD!

As the release of the trailer is moments away, the makers have released two new poster of the movie with the Mehra family being disinterested in each other and Farhan and Anushka being at the periphery. The new posters say volumes about the film’s plot and releasing them right before the trailer counts as a super smart move on the makers’ part!

The cast and crew of Dil Dhadakne Do started talking about the movie only like a few days back. Till now, they just let the buzz grow by not letting out a lot of information. They just let the grand production value (that can be seen in the posters), the word of mouth, and the kickass ensemble cast do the talking for the film!

After all the buzz, I seriously can’t wait no more to watch what the trailer holds! Are you as excited as me?