Industry experts are still talking about what went down between these two
Salman Khan walking out of Shhuddhi is still being discussed in Bollywood corridors. A lot is being read into Salman’s decision to opt out of the reincarnation drama. There are those who claim that Karan’s equation with Salman has soured while others maintain this was more a professional decision than a personal one. So what is the truth? Is it either of these two or is it a mix of both?

A source tells us that Salman and Karan’s equation hasn’t really changed and not doing Shhuddhi was totally a professional call. It seems that the decision wasn’t last minute and there was a lot of discussion between these two before they went public with it. Salman’s manager Reshma Shetty too was involved in these discussions and keeping in mind his tight schedule for 2015-16.

There was chatter that Salman wasn’t too happy with Karan hosting the controversial AIB episode and he let him know his feelings when they met. But not doing Shhuddhi wasn’t because of AIB, it was more of a ‘date issue’.

Salman’s team felt that the number of days Karan wanted were beyond his availability. Apart from Karan, Khan also spoke to director Karan Malhotra and let him know his decision to leave the project.

We are told that Salman and Karan are still close to each other and there is a chance that the former might do a walk in cameo in Shhudhhi,