As Directioners, we were all devastated when Zayn Malik decided to leave the group and in some ways we are still recovering from the sadness! But, it seems like Harry Styles and the rest of theOne Direction boys are recovering just fine.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Styles revealed that the boys are working on new music and that they have been working as a team to pick up Zayn’s vocal parts in their songs. For example, when asked about the song ‘Story of My Life’ where Zayn has a big solo, he mentioned another band member took it upon himself to handle the high notes.

“It would be pretty devastating if we took that song out, ” said Harry to EW. “Liam Payne stepped up to do the high notes. He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back.”

When asked about 1D’s future, Harry was quick to mention that fans can expect something new soon.

“We’re currently recording and writing our next album, so we’ll be working on that,” said Harry to EW. “The songs are coming together quickly, so we’re buzzing with the new stuff.”