The Haider actress transforms her fashion sense amazingly over the years
When the daughter of one of Bollywood’s most hated villains started out her journey in films, it was exactly a dream flag-off. Both her initial films flopped miserably, (though Luv Ka The End was quite enjoyable!) before Aashiqui 2 pushed her career up big time. Also her appearances on the ramp and for promotions weren’t exactly…how to put it in the right words…Vogue-worthy!

However, after Aashiqui 2, she started to choose her roles more carefully, as well as what she is supposed to wear at all those launch parties and on the ramp. As a result, her career growth has been quite amazing, with Ek Villian and Haider having successful runs at the box office, and also receiving critical appreciation. At the same time, her appearances in front of the shutterbugs improved drastically as well, making her one of the most sought-after actresses for any brand launches.

Let’s go back to the start of her career and see how she had fared over the years, sartorially.
Shraddha Kapoor1

Starting with those…err…unflattering stuff that are labelled as clothes! Wondering who was her fashion consultant in the initial days!

Shraddha Kapoor2


Much better than what we saw earlier, though, that brown belt do stand out as an ugly blip.

Shraddha Kapoor3



Nothing bad…nothing good! As plain as Doordarshan logo!

Shraddha Kapoor4


The dress is fine, but those beads and that bright red lipstick….my eyes are dazzled, but not in the right way!

Shraddha Kapoor5




Didn’t know that Shraddha adored Poison Ivy!



Shraddha Kapoor6


That dress is definitely going to make her a front runner for Jaipur’s tourism ambassador!



The western attire with a slight desi touch…Almost there, Shraddha, you are almost there…



That’s the Shraddha we are beginning to love. That chic white dress, and that graceful poise…Sigh!


Shraddha  4


Straight from an Indian heart, we love our women best in sarees! And Shraddha is in her classiest elegance in the above picture!
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