Former WWE Diva Maria Opens Up On CM Punk Leaving WWE, Did The Indies Hurt His Career?

Former WWE Diva Maria recently talked with Joe Cronin about CM Punk.


Maria talks about how the independent scene beat Punk up before he even got to the WWE, which is a reason why she was not surprised to see him leave WWE for UFC:


“Did I think he would leave WWE that way? I had a hunch. He’s a very strong person. When you beat someone up that long without some humanity, it takes a toll. I did that schedule but not like he did. Your body gets beat up. People who want to criticize him, try it for one weekend.”

“Some people’s voices get heard more than others, just like any business. A lot of it has to do with timing. Right place, right time and it’s yours. I think it happens a lot, just like anywhere else.”


You can watch the full interview by clicking play below: