The actor wants to be India’s brand ambassador and so, we have a few suggestions for him. Read on…

Salman Khan recently confessed that he would much rather be the brand ambassador of India, as reported by a daily. Now Bhaijaan might have said it in jest but we feel he could be a worthy brand ambassador for our country. Given the pull he has, he could convince people to do something good. And if that do happen, Salman can easily represent a side of India others have seldom seen.

Atithi Devo Bhava

India is a land of people who believes in Atithi Devo Bhavo or Guests are equivalent to God. In recent times, the only person who had made it his life’s mantra was Salman Khan. While the Courts were busy deciding his fate in 2002 hit and run case, Salman hosted many well-wishers at his place. There was a steady stream of visitors who visited the Galaxy Appartments to meet him and the actor met everyone with a smile on his face. That shows a side of India that people have forgotten!

Chillar party

Salman feels a lot for kids. He is at his brightest when he is with the kids. He wants to have kids, but marriage is not on his mind. He can easily show to the world how they are the future of India. There’s more to the kids of this country than child labour.

Charitable India

Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation does a lot of work for the deprived and underprivileged. His foundation adopted many villages and are looking after ways to make them a better place. Recently, Salman adopted the family of a widow in Kashmir, where he is shooting Bajrangi Bhaijaan recently. He can lead by examples to make people invest in the betterment of such deprived people in India.

Touring India

Salman also exclaimed that it was foolish of the film industry to go to Switzerland when Kashmir is no less. He could easily make Kashmir a hotspot for travellers yet again!

Clean India, My India

Salman has already taken part in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachch Bharat Campaign, cleaning an area in Karjat. Apart from Modi, Salman too could be the face of this drive and make India a clean nation!

These are only a few things that Salman can achieve as the Brand Ambassador. We are sure there are even more because there is nothing that our Bhai can’t do! Right, people?