Akshay Kumar gives moustaches a new high….

There was a time when being clean shaven fetched heroes more oohs and aahs than a moustachioed man. In fact, I don’t recall anyone making it big with a handlebar other than Anil Kapoor. But it seems someone’s here to change the trend and it’s working. Akshay Kumar seems to have found the trick to sport a moustache and make it look hot.

It all began with Rowdy Rathore which was a remake of Telugu film Vikramarkudu. For the first time, Akshay was seen in a moustache. Initially, it needed a lot of adjusting but he managed to make people like the look. Guess since then it became a rage for him.

Akshay sported a much subtler version of it in Special Chabbis which worked perfectly with his role of a con man.

He repeated the same look in Baby; may be because he thought if you need to be intense and taken seriously, a moustache is the way to go. He is wrong but then why do you care when he looked really smart with it.

With Gabbar Is Back, Akshay Kumar decided to go full throttle. Although he sports a beard and moustache in most parts, the moustache look in ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ song is really suiting him. With unkempt locks falling on his forehead, Akshay is giving out the vibes just right and must say, that’s definitely hot!

What do you think? Which among Akshay’s moustache looks do you like?