Niall Horan almost hit a bystander while golfing at the PGA Championship Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament in England! While no one got hurt, the One Direction singer’s golf swing “nearly killed” an audience member who caught the whole thing on video.

Harry Styles‘ latest Instagram photo has One Direction fans up in a frenzy, and it’s definitely not for the reason you think! He just casually posted a photo of a billboard in color, and now Directioners can’t deal.

But it’s big news! The 1D guy hasn’t posted a color photo since September 2014 — all his pics have been in black and white for nearly eight months.

A photo posted by @harrystyles on

Now, fans are flipping out that his decision has some special meaning.


They’re also speculating that he’s going through a personality transplant due to his new location.


While this is definitely messing with his very unique aesthetic, we have to admit that it is a refreshing change.

Maybe this means that he’s shooting his Instagram pics in color for good now! Until he posts his next one…we’ll just have to wait and see.

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