The girls from Fifth Harmony just launched their "Summer Reflection" tour and we are so excited to see them live, especially when they come to Miami where Lauren Jauregui is from. And she seems excited to come home as well as part of the tour!

When asked how proud she is of being a Latina, she said she definitely is very proud of it and also mentioned her love of the food! "I love the food as well," said Lauren. "It makes me incredibly proud. The food is amazing! I love ripe plantains and Latin breaded steak! My grandma used to make it so well and it's my favorite thing in the world."

Lauren also mentioned that she loves the culture. "I love the Latino culture. I love the way that we are so embracing and very loving. I like hug everyone I meet and what I have noticed in America, outside of Miami, when you go to other places we still hug and kiss one another to say hello. I also love the passion of our culture."

We think it's so sweet that Lauren is so proud of her heritage! And, we can't wait to see the "Summer Reflection" tour which kicked off in Louisville July 15th and which the girls posted a super cool picture of on Instagram.


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Are you proud of who you are? Are you going to see the girls live on tour? Let us know in the comments!