The show its premier today and had junior B as its first guest. Read on to know my take on the first episode!

After having replaced Salman Khan as the host in Bigg Boss 8′s extended versionBigg Boss Halla Bol series, popular filmmaker Farah Khan is now here to show off her culinary skills. The Happy New Year director has come up with a cookery show-Farah Ki Daawat. The first episode was premièred today which saw celebrity guest Abhishek Bachchan, who cooked Shah Rukh Khan’s favourite dish; Dahi Chicken. Read on to know what I thought about it:What its about

The title is self exlplainatory, Farah Ki Daawat is essentially a cookery show. This one however is presented with a twist where not only does Farah host the show and keeps us updated with some interesting cooking tips, but also has celebrity guests coming in every week to accompany  her at the counter. The punchline of it all is to make celebrities cook their favorite dishes on the show and in turn give the fans a little something to learn from the same. The show also has some games and food competitions as a part of its format.

What’s hot

I liked the concept of having celebs come on a cookery show and giving them a chance present their culinary skills. We have often seen them either on-screen in larger than life scenarios or on-stage, entertaining the viewers. Hence, the idea of them cooking their favourite dishes and engaging with the fans during the same, is something the viewers will be able to relate to easily. We all want to know what a Shah Rukh Khan loves to eat, Salman Khan hates to taste, so and so forth. The first episode saw Abhishek Bachchan as a guest and it was interesting to learn about his likes, dislikes and the camaraderie he shares with wifey Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the kitchen. Fir instance, I didn’t know junior B is repelled by fruits!

What’s not:

The idea could have worked , had it been presented well. For starters, I would like to comment on Farah Khan’s hosting skills. The filmmaker in my opinion seemed awkward and too rehearsed in front of the camera. Her stint took me back to her days as a host of the Bigg Boss Halla Bol series and I was put off by the same. Moving on, there lacked a flow of events. The sequences seemed as if forcibly put together,  in order to put forth a presentation which could SOMEHOW come across as funny. Farah and Abhishek tried to fill the silences in between their cooking process, which seemed scripted rather than spontaneous. Further, I didn’t get the point of Sargun Mehta’s entry at all. She was invited to teach Junior B how to make rotis. If that’s the way to make one learn, boy are we all in trouble!

What to do 

Watch this show only if you  live to eat and not the other way round. I personally love watching cookery shows and often run to the kitchen at the end to grab a bite. But Farah Ki Daawat made me want to grab the remote and switch to the next channel. Boring, not-so-funny and dull in places, Farah’s daawat failed to tickle my taste buds!

Rating:2.0 out of 52.0 Star Rating

Reviewed by Rukmini Chopra

* Poor


** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent