If you were obsessed with Alyson Stoner’s song “Pretty Girls,” we have good news for you! The Phineas & Ferb actress is working on a new EP. While talking to us about her upcoming movie, The A-List, the multi-talented star EXCLUSIVELY opened up about her music plans — and says that we’ll hopefully get to listen to some of her original tracks by the summer.

“Right now, we’re putting together an EP, but we may release it single-by-single. I’m really excited to share my new music because it captures the essence of who I am as an artist. It’s fun, it’s bright, it’s funky, and it still has Janet Jackson style that is native to my first single, ‘Dragon’,” she told us.

In fact, it sounds like she has a lot of music ready for our ears — and she’s making even more in the studio.

“I already have songs ready to release, but I’m still in the studio because I love writing and creating and I write for movies and different artists as well. But we have my music ready! It’s just a matter of unleashing the beast.”

Um, that sounds pretty epic! We can’t wait.

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