Ed Sheeran proved he has a heart of gold when he helped a man propose to his girlfriend battling cancer at the “Thinking Out Loud” singer’s concert in Canada.

Pablo Benitez proposed to his girlfriend, Tanya Procyshyn, at Ed Sheeran’s show just one day before Procyshyn was scheduled to undergo surgery for a brain tumor, CTV News reports. But this almost didn’t happen! Tickets were sold out for the concert, but once Benitez told Sheeran about his story when he met him at a private event, Sheeran gave them front-row seats. Super cute!

Benitez was so happy, he posted about it on Twitter!

As the proposal happened, Sheeran took a few seconds out of his set to give the happy couple a shout out. “I’m just going to stop here for two seconds,” he said. “A couple in the front row just got engaged. Congratulations!”

Watch the video below of Sheeran’s performance of “Thinking Out Loud” where he acknowledges the proposal and let us know what you think in the comments!