It’s news to no one, but Drake Bell was an essential part of our childhood. After all, the actor starred on Drake & Josh (AKA one of our fave shows), and we loved watching all his crazy antics. So afterJosh Peck revealed that he’d be down for a reunion, we seriously got our hopes up! While talking to us about his new animated movie, Frog Kingdom, he EXCLUSIVELY responded to the rumors that areunion is on the horizon — and what he sees his character, Drake Parker, doing now.

“Well, you know, I’ve been saying that [we should film a reunion] for years. We’re a Drake and Joshfamily. We all still hang out, we all still talk. I go to Disneyland with Miranda. I see Josh all the time,” he said.

“So I was scrolling through and I read this interview about how Josh would be down for a Drake and Josh reunion, so I’m like, ‘Okay, yeah dude, let’s do it!’ So we’re just playing around, but the fans seem to really want it, so hopefully one day that could work. That would be awesome to have a little high school reunion, you know?”

So where does he see his character now?

“There’s two things that could have transpired for Drake Parker. He could have gone and become a rock star or he could still be living in his parents’ house while Josh went to college, it depends. He could have gone either way ’cause he was the slacker, but he was also really charged with becoming a rock star. So I think there’s a lot of funny possibilities we could do. I think there’s a lot of opportunity to make some funny stuff happen.”

Seriously, can this reunion just happen already?! We love that the whole cast totally still hangs out, so we’re sure their on-screen dynamic would be just as good as ever.