For WWE’s recent “Legends of WrestleMania” issue exclusively available on newsstands, Dolph Ziggler spoke out on what drives him in the ring.

“On a good day, I’m a bitter, angry, chip-on-my-shoulder type of guy. So when someone tells me I just tore down the house on Raw, I say, “Yeah, but you know what? There was this one situation where I wasn’t in the right place where I wanted to be.’ I was the World Champ, but I should be better,” Ziggler said.

“I’m constantly unsatisfied with any situation, which is both good and bad, because never being fully happy drives me to better every day…but I don’t enjoy the things that I do even when I do them great.”

– It was reported earlier this week that Lilian Garcia would be performing the National Anthem next Friday at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona before the Phoenix Suns vs. Atlanta Hawks game. This is no longer the case as she is now being advertised by the Suns to perform prior to next’s Wednesday game against the Minnesota Timberwolves as part of “WWE Night.” This will include on-court appearances by Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins, as well as “WWE music and entertainment” throughout the night. For information and tickets on the event, click here.

Lilian previously sang the Anthem at a Phoenix Suns game in March 2013. Click here to see video of her performance