When Summer Rae leaned towards Mizdow and quietly whispered in his ear with a sly twinkle, flickering in her eyes, we all knew what her suggestion was.  The idea to finally stand up to the Miz and prove to the world in a face-to-face confrontation, who is the better man, brought a smile to Mizdow’s face because he knows that he has suffered enough. Mizdow deserves to have his definitive moment of glory over the one, who belittled him for 9 months. But is winning the Miz brand what Mizdow really needs?

The fans love Sandow. That’s not news. There is something irresistibly charismatic about him. The audience enjoyed his work as an intellectual heel and even supported him through his long and painful Impersonator period that followed his terrible MITB loss to the one-armed John Cena. The Mizdow persona became Sandow’s way out. It saved him from what seemed like an endless downwards spiral. It was funny at first, then the gimmick stuck, outdid itself and became a phenomenon, quickly turning Mizdow in one of the most popular fan darlings. Eventually the Miz digressed, lost it and turned from an annoying, slightly delusional narcissist into a full-fledged bully, setting up the inevitable breakup of the Miz/Mizdow duo.  And as with any other progression, it needs an end game. The prize is the Miz Brand.

Naturally the WWE Universe firmly stands in Mizdow’s corner. Deep down, most people are suckers for a nice happy ending, or in other words – justice. Coming on top of this feud is what seems like justice for Mizdow. Seeing the look of pure desperation and painful regret on Miz’s face when he realizes that he lost his identity surely would be gratifying for many, since the A-Lister is so easy to hate. But what happens after this brief triumphant moment is done? What happens after Monday if Mizdow wins the brand on RAW? Mizdow goes on to live forever, hijacking Miz’s career, while the Miz reverts to doing Impersonations in search for a new identity? Miz becomes Mizdow’s assistant and they switch names? None of this feels right. Neither Mizdow, nor the Miz brand have any meaning or value without the Miz.

Mizdow is a character built to mirror and at the same time counter the Miz. Without the heel, there will be no face.  Sandow can’t gain anything from being Mizdow for much longer because it was only a comparison character. And Miz definitely won’t win anything by losing his identity. He’s doing remarkably well as the pretentious, pompous, A-Lister-wanna-be character that he is.

Say whatever you want about the A-Lister but he is right – no one does Miz better than the Miz. Miz is born to be a heel. He’s annoying without even having the need to speak. This makes him constantly relevant because the fans can never stop hating him. Miz is the most permanent version of a midcard heel that we could possibly have. Then again, having Miz win on RAW would ultimately ruin Mizdow’s momentum. He didn’t fight to get out of Miz’s shadow, only to get cut down the moment he gets the first taste of freedom. And in the end, we’re left with a no win situation. Mizdow can’t lose if he wants to capitalize on the momentum he’s built but he can’t win because keeping someone else’s identity is not a long-term solution.

The WWE could always solve this issue by having Miz get the victory, using dirty tricks. That, however, will keep the Miz/Mizdow feud going and it’s about time it ends. Stretching it longer will kill all its momentum. My solution to this predicament is simple – have Mizdow give the win to the Miz. In my scenario Mizdow will use every move that Miz has against him and will render him helpless with a devastating Shull Crushing Finale. And then, just when the fans are going crazy, cheering with the taste of sweet victory already in their mouth, then Mizdow will lie down, pull the unconscious Miz over himself and wait patiently for the three count. Obviously, the crowd will be taken aback by this move. In the complete awkward silence, Mizdow will push Miz off of himself with disdain. Then he’ll get up, dust himself off and take the microphone. From there on, he’ll cut a powerful promo on who he really is. He’ll explain that Sandow can do Miz better than the Miz but essentially Sandow is better than the Miz and so he does not need the Miz or his brand.

Shedding off all traces of the Miz, while establishing his dominance, will open a new chapter for Sandow. He needs to rise above this copy-cat gimmick. Let’s not forget he was the Intellectual Saviour of The Masses. He can do much better than stealing Miz’s character. I would like to see Sandow in full glory in a face version of his Intellectual Saviour gimmick. For some reason, the WWE really likes presenting intelligent, well-cultured and overall classy individuals as heels, as an opposition to the common man. I find this to be largely an underestimation of the casual WWE fan. Who says that all, who watch wrestling, are hillbillies with below-average intelligence, who haven’t read a book in their lives? Making every well-read and intelligent character a heel, suggest that. I believe that Sandow is the man to change this misconception. For once, he can play a chivalrous, proud, intelligent man, who stands up to all phony, arrogant character, such as the Miz. I can see that sort of character, at a stage when he’s well-established, clashing with Bray Wyatt. Their views of the masses will put them on edge and they will deliver a breath-taking rivalry.

This is just one of many options for a face Damian Sandow but even if the WWE goes with a different route for him, I believe that Mizdow needs to end on Monday. Deliberately losing an already won match will both elevate Sandow and save the Miz.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.