There was a period of time when I used to write about Seth Rollins a lot. I remember, not so long ago, I used to describe him as the top heel of the WWE. Nowadays, he’s faded out, dropping down to the bottom of my “to discuss” list. When I think of WWE’s best heels I see Wyatt, I see Sheamus, even Kevin Owens, but not Seth Rollins. It is ironic since he is the champion now. He should be “the man”, right? But he is not and I started wondering why.

I decided to track back the moment when I began to lose interest in Rollins. I think it all started after the Royal Rumble. The Lesnar vs. Cena vs. Rollins match was Seth’s highest point as a heel. But after every climax comes a falling action until resolution is reached. Seth started degrading. His ego got so inflated that it gradually blocked his view of the bigger picture. The details started slipping through his fingers. He became careless and the mistakes started piling up. Take the situation with Kane as an example. Rollins back in January would have never put his cards on the table for everyone to see the way he’s doing it now.

It’s one thing to dislike Kane and it’s a different thing to keep winding him up on purpose when he holds the keys that open the door to your future, quite literally. Despite Kane being the Gatekeeper at Extreme Rules, Rollins didn’t spare any insults, in fact he added some that weren’t necessary. And the worst part is, Rollins doesn’t gain anything from upsetting Kane. It’s just petty bullying. The thing that made Seth a brilliant heel was that he was smart. Every word, every move he did were calculated so that he’d gain the maximum benefit of the situation.  No friends, no enemies – just people of use and people of no use. Seth was cold-blooded and played with surgical precision everyone in the near vicinity as a puppet in his show. He might have said a lot but it was never in vain. Every word fell into place and grew to become an action. Nowadays he simply doesn’t think.

One would wonder what made Rollins like this. What made him lose his mind? The answer, in a very symbolic way, is the gold. It’s as if Seth Rollins suddenly got struck by dragon sickness. The moment the title fell into his hands, he got sucked into the illusion that he has become a king. Seth now believes that he has all the power in the world and he just keeps scratching for more and more power exertion, followed by bursts of immediate gratification. It has turned into a drug for him. Rollins picks on Kane for the very reason any bully picks on others – because belittling somebody is the only way he can maintain his artificially inflated sense of greatness. But as any other addiction, it escalates. Early on, Rollins started by lashing out at J&J but it wasn’t enough. They never brought him enough of a kick because they have no authority. This is why Seth moved onto Kane. The Director of Operations is a much more powerful man. Conquering him is a much more convincing display of power. The issue is that Kane is not enough. Seth is still trying to keep his urges in check but the words are starting to spill out. He wants to and eventually will try to dominate the Authority. Not from the shadows, no, he’s already done that, successfully. Now Rollins will want to see himself recognized as a king above the King of Kings straight on TV, live, in front of the entire nation.

It is true that once Rollins did have Triple H and the entire Authority in his back pocket. They were just a tool for him to get to the title but that stayed unspoken. Seth knew it, we knew it but the Authority didn’t, or at least agreed to pretend that they didn’t. The reason why Triple H and Stephanie stayed blind to Seth’s games was that their egos were too big to even acknowledge the concept of them being played by someone. However, winning the title inflated Seth’s ego so much that it became bigger than Triple H’s and Stephanie’s put together. And now he is as blind as they were.

It is sad to watch Rollins like this. Every time he screams and boasts that he can defend his title on his own and then proceeds to dig deeper and deeper into his own grave by specifically naming the people he can do without, I can see him sinking. Every time he says he’d never run away or that he’s done it all by himself, it pains me to listen because it makes him sound as ridiculous as Curtis Axel, who challenged Sandow for copying the Miz, while completely ripping off the Hulkamania concept at the same time. You cannot be “the man” and simultaneously steal pages form Axel’s book. Relying on facts only is what made Rollins a strong heel. He was dangerous because his threats were real. Before, if someone had challenged him on his words, he would have been able to defend them. Now, if/when Triple H comes asking to see how Seth Rollins is going to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on his own, Seth won’t be ready. He’ll be angry and he’ll be exposed and he’ll very likely lose the title. One way or another, his words will come back to haunt him.

There is scenario in which Triple H strips Rollins of all the power that the Authority has to offer and Rollins still manages to emerge victorious. There would be no better way to solidify Rollins as “the man”. He could easily remain a heel, or turn face and he’d still have proven himself to the world. However, it would inevitably lead to a split form the Authority. Just that in this scenario, Rollins would be the one doing the dumping. If he can do without them he doesn’t need them. The problem is, in the WWE, momentum is a very important factor. Usually we can see things coming from far. In this case, nothing suggests that Rollins will have a sudden character change and will jump into remission. We’re much more likely to see the complete and utter failure of Seth Rollins, rotten and destroyed by the curse of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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