One Direction fans have started a campaign to make “No Control” the band’s next single — even if it’s not an official release. While Directioners have already pushed the hashtag#WeWantNoControlAsASingle to become a trending topic on Twitter, other members of the fandom have decided to launch the track as a “DIY single.”

So, what exactly does this mean? The idea started on Tumblr, when a fan named Anna wrote a lengthy note proposing a way to bring 1D fans together and show the power of their community.

Directioners say that everyone should listen “No Control” on Spotify, buy it on iTunes, and request it at radio stations to make the track skyrocket to number one on the charts. (Fans have even picked a “release” date, May 17th.) And Anna also suggests that 1D fans put their Photoshop and iMovie talents to good use making mock-ups of single covers and music videos for the song.

It’s also just a way to support Louis Tomlinson! He has a pretty epic solo in “No Control,” and Directioners want to stand by him through his beef with Naughty Boy. Their campaign has over 15,300 supporters, which is amazing. So if Tommo finds out about this project, we’re sure he’ll be touched!

You can follow the campaign with the hashtag #ProjectNoControl. Do you think that “No Control” should be there next single? What do you think about this campaign? Tell us in the comments!