Kylie Jenner received her high school diploma and with it many graduation gifts. But one present in particular is getting a lot of attention- because of what it may have cost and who it might have come from! Rapper Tyga may have given Kylie Jenner a very expensive gift for her recent accomplishment.

Oceanup reports that the rap artist was spotted leaving Polacheck’s Jewelry Store after making a purchase just hours before Kylie’s graduation Party.

Kylie made a few posts on her Snapchat account showing a few of her graduation gifts. One present was identified as a gold and diamond Rolex Day Date President watch. The watch could be worth almost $40,000!

Some suspect the gift came from Tyga because, Polacheck’s- the store he was seen leaving hours before attending Kylie’s party -is one of the largest retailers of Rolex watches in that area!