Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may not be super-open about their relationship, but they’re calling each other cute names and taking cute pics together — and now, the “Blank Space” singer may have just admitted that she loves the DJ!

While performing on The 1989 World Tour‘s stop in Glasgow, Scotland, the pop star says that she happens to “love” Scottish people. Do you know who’s Scottish? Her boyfriend!

“This is my first time playing in Glasgow and you sold this place out in seconds. I happen to love Scottish people, personally,” she said.

“It’s sold out, it’s Tuesday night, you’re here with me and I’m so happy about it. Thanks for coming. You’ve got signs, you’ve got costumes — you went all out,” she continued.

While she could have just been making a general statement about her love of the country and all the people in it, we’d like to think she was slyly mentioning her relationship. During the show, Taylor also admitted that she’s part Scottish too.

“In the subject line [of an email from my dad] it said ‘Tell Scotland this’ and in the email he said our whole family is from Scotland and you have to tell them that. So I am one of you, and I’m proud because this crowd is amazing.”

Aw, that’s so cute! Her connection with Scotland is even deeper than we thought.