Ariana Grande and Big Sean‘s breakup seemingly came out of nowhere, but the couple was reportedly having issues for a few months — and Justin Bieber‘s cuddly embrace with the singer may have been the final straw!

TMZ reports that the rapper accused the “Break Free” singer of staging that concert hug with the Calvin Klein model to make him jealous. After it happened, her boyfriend supposedly decided that she was too “immature” for him.

Apparently, tension started mounting in their relationship when Sean had a big performance at the House of Blues and everyone from Kanye West to Kylie and Kendall Jenner were there to support him. But his girlfriend didn’t show up! She was performing at the Grammy Awards the next day, and told him that she needed to get ready, which he thought was “selfish.”

Since she had such a big show the next day, we understand why she’d want to rehearse for it and get a good night’s sleep. But it would also make sense if he was hurt that his girlfriend didn’t show up to support him.

Do you think that Justin is a part of the reason they broke up? Do you think they’ll ever get back together? Sound off in the comments!