Deepika Padukone, Sunny Leone, Anushka Sharma, Shahid Kapoor- Bollywood’s Fast and Furious!

Here’s looking at Bollywood’s very own version of the fast and furious…

Gone are the days when Bollywood needed a lot of catching up to do. Today, folks this side of the film land are going fast with breakneck speed and in the process leaving many furious too. Given the fact that Fast And Furious 7 is releasing this week, let’s delve on a few fast and furious people from our tinsel town.

Deepika Padukone

FastDeepika Padukone is fast becoming the poster girl of women empowerment. Her cleavage explosion left a leading daily’s reputation badly wounded with people mocking the newspaper. Even the damage control article couldn’t control any damage that was already done. Then she spoke openly about depression and proved that after all, they are just like you and me. People made of flesh and bones. Truly inspiring! The rapid rise of her career graph and her drive to represent modern women has been both applauded.

Furious: But her latest attempt to be the voice of women of today in an ‘Empower’ing video that went ‘Vogue’ seemed to have left everyone furious, including the women she was representing. It was too uppity for our liking. Many argued that women empowerment doesn’t give anyone the right to sex outside marriage. If that’s your choice, a man attempting the same shouldn’t be slammed either.

Sunny Leone

Fast: It is almost intriguing and somewhat interesting to see Sunny Leone’s face on every other film’s poster that is announced these days. She entered with Jism 2 where she hardly showed any but managed to scoop up many films in a short period of time. She is definitely going fast which will only help her cause. With her husband Daniel and her owning a production house too, I won’t be surprised if they announce a few films soon.

Furious: It is at times really disappointing to see Sunny Leone in every adult comedy. She robbed Sherlyn Chopra or Poonam Pandey the chance to make it big in Bollywood since they had the licence to bare. Sunny has managed to nullify their presence completely without even baring anything! Isn’t that outright unfair?

Anushka Sharma – Virat Kohli

Fast: It is a popular belief that love is a private matter between two people in love and it should stay that way. But when you are moving at such a rate like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, you hardly give people the opportunity to relax and not ponder over where will you two be seen together next. The moment they went public with their relationship, they were spotted everywhere.

Furious: Curiously, the couple itself is left furious with all the intrusion in ‘privacy’. Poor people, can’t even walk hand in hand at the airport. When cricket fans ridiculously faulted her for Kohli’s bad show at the World Cup 2015 semi finals, everyone was outraged including the actress and her boyfriend. Even Yuvraj Singh shared the annoyance of the couple!

Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput

Fast: It took a lot of time for Shahid Kapoor to be in this Shandaar situation he is in right now. But the lad was pretty quick and quiet in announcing his engagement with Mira Rajput which left everyone shell-shocked. Chat magni, pat viya seems to be his favourite adage. Many even thought that the actor is playing an April Fool joke a week too early but then all doubts got cleared eventually. Some hopes got dashed too!

Furious: That’s pretty easy to guess. They may be handful, but Shahid enjoys a very good female following and this news came as a bolt from the blue. There are many who were left furious with this news but then with a heavy heart they did wish him all the luck. Great fans I must say!

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