Dean Ambrose was asked during an interview on the Rock 100.5 Morning Show in Atlanta earlier this week about the Intercontinental title losing prestige over the years. Ambrose responded with the following:

“Somewhere along the line, everything got really confusing. [In] 2001 you’ve got WCW into WWE and bringing their championships, and then you’ve got two championships. You’ve got the United States Championship, you’ve got two tag team championships, and you’ve got so many guys, so much TV time. Titles start flipping back and forth, and everything got a little like muddled.”

– As reported, Rey Mysterio’s contract with WWE has expired and he’s expected to wrestle for Luncha Underground and AAA.

Regarding making appearances on the indie circuit, FW4Online reports that Mysterio will be charging around $20,000 per appearance. Most expected him to charge $15,000 although indie promoter did estimate that you could gross about $25,000 for photos and autographs with him right now and make money but at some point he won’t be able to get that much.