As reported, current WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan was pulled by WWE from their European tour. Rumors had swirled for weeks regarding his health. Bryan recently appeared on Talk is Jericho and spoke about his neck and elbow injury from last year, and how that affected him.

“We didn’t know how my neck was going to do when I came back. It’s the same with any injury, I think. If you have knee surgery, you don’t know how your knee is going to do until you actually start putting pressure on it and you can do as much rehab or whatever you want, and now it’s this thing of it being like getting pretty worn down, and I’ve never felt this way before.”

Bryan also questioned his decision to not have additional surgery and mentioned that age may be catching up to him.

“But I’m also getting older. So I don’t know if it’s just (that), but sometimes when you’ve been off for nine or 10 months, then coming back takes maybe some getting used to, and I don’t know if I’m still in that adjustment process.”

You can listen to the full episode from Bryan’s appearance below.