Daniel Bryan Documentary Update, Stars Who Beat Brock Lesnar, Darren Young Fan Mail, Chris Jericho

– There’s been some speculation from other sites this week that the documentary on WWE’s upcoming Daniel Bryan DVD and Blu-ray is a newly produced one. WrestlingDVDNews.com confirms that the documentary main feature is just an extended 1 hour and 6 minute version of the WWE Network’s “Journey to WrestleMania XXX” special on Bryan.

– Darren Young is now taking fan mail at the following address:

Fred Rosser/Darren Young
1661 West Ave. #398690
Miami Beach, Florida 33239

– Chris Jericho’s latest episode of Talk Is Jericho features WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Venture. They discuss working with Vince McMahon, his career and more.

– WWE’s latest Five Things video looks at Superstars who beat Brock Lesnar: