Extreme Rules 2015 Matches, Preview and Result Predictions

Extreme Rules 2015 Pay per view is set for Sunday, April 26. Coming just four weeks after the biggestPPV of the year, the event will feature three new champions and a much different card than that ofWrestleMania 31.

Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Triple H, and Sting are all without matches at the PPV. Bray Wyatt isn’t on the card, though he’s been cutting promos in the last few weeks as he gets ready to start a new feud, possibly with Ryback, who also doesn’t have a match.

Below, we talk you through the full match card and give our predictions about what may happen this Sunday evening at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Championship)


No longer Mr Money in the BankSeth Rollins is now the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton beat him at WrestleMania, and is still owed a title rematch from a year ago. The two have not played nice for weeks and weeks now.

Seth Rollins formally has the backing of The Authority, but letting his mouth run away with himself more than once has made some enemies too, including Kane who will be guarding that Steel Cage to stop Seth getting any extra help.

Days after Rollins insisted that The Viper’s finisher be banned from their match, rumours have swirled that Seth’s own finisher has been phased out of use. We think the talk is just that – talk – and that the former Architect of The Shield will hit a sickening Curb Stomp to retain his title.

Prediction: Seth Rollins

John Cena vs Rusev (United States Championship)


We were gutted when Rusev lost his title to John Cena, but we’ve been absolutely loving the John Cena US Title Open Challenge. It’s turned Cena’s TV segments from must-skip to must-watch. It’ll be a shame for all that to end, and we don’t think it will.

It took a(n un)lucky fall from Lana for Cena to get the best of Rusev at WrestleMania, but lightning won’t even have to strike twice. The Bulgarian Brute won’t have to suffer a pin or submission and we can see Cena touching those turnbuckles and the open challenge continuing.

Prediction: John Cena

Daniel Bryan vs Bad News Barret (Intercontinental Championship)


Bad News Barrett has told us that he’ll “make an example” out of Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules. He’s also dismissed the Yes man as a “paper champion” who unfairly took his belt without pinning him by getting up that ladder first at WrestleMania.

D-Bry has been kept off screen in recent weeks amid rumours that he’s too injured to hold on to his belt, or even to compete in this match. We think that Bryan is a lot more resilient than people give him credit for, and that he’ll not only turn up on Sunday but also win.

Prediction:Daniel Bryan

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper – Chicago Street Fight


You read that right. A Kiss Me Arse Match. In the WWE. In 2015. We’re not quite sure how this has happened, but we’ve been enjoying the hell out of mean Sheamus since he returned after WrestleMania with his sillier hair and even sillier beard.

Dolph Ziggler has a lot of skills, but Sheamus has the power and plenty of heelish tricks up his sleeve to ensure that he’ll get the victory. We’re hoping, hoping, hoping against all hope that some sort of intervention will prevent the stipulation being fulfilled.

Prediction : Sheamus

Nikki Bella vs Naomi (WWE Divas Championship)


With some help from her sister Brie, Nikki Bella has had a strong hold on the WWE Divas Championship since she beat the now-retired AJ for the Butterfly Belt at Survivor Series in November. She has lost quite a few times in non-title matches since then though, including a WrestleMania tag match.

A couple of those losses were to a resurgent Naomi, which she felt entitled her to a shot at the championship. However, the former Funkadactyl couldn’t get the vital win in a messy #1 contenders Battle Royal in London, with Paige being the last woman standing. Naomi stole a spot in this match by putting Norwich’s finest out of commission, and we think she’ll make the most of that opportunity. Whatever happens, behave yourselves out there.


Roman Reigns vs Big Show (Last Man Standing Match)


Some of the WWE Universe were miffed that Roman Reigns was headlining WrestleMania and had a chance to take Brock Lesnar’s title. As it happened, the match was a barnstormer and Reigns has been nudged out of the title picture since. Inexplicably, the crowds are still very much divided on the former Shield man.

But someone they really hate is the Big Show. The André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner has outstayed his welcome in many fans’ minds and Reigns’s suggestion that he may retire him got cheers from pretty much everyone. The Giant is a big target, but the bigger they are the harder they fall. Reigns will make short work of Show and move on to more interesting things.

Prediction : Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper (Chicago Street Fight)


How did Seth Rollins cash in at WrestleMania to take the title from Brock Lesnar and under the nose of Roman Reigns? Didn’t Dean Ambrose once swear blind never to let that happen? Well, Dean Ambrose was out of action after being dropped through a ladder at the Intercontinental Title match.

Both men missed out on the belt to Daniel Bryan, and since then have been ricocheting around Raw and SmackDown without much reason. There’s not a vast amount on the line here, but that shouldn’t stop both men giving it their all to keep their head above the other in that midcard shuffle.

Prediction : Dean Ambrose