Fans were devastated when Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid called it quits last month, but apparently their breakup has actually been beneficial! The Australian heartthrob was at’s Spring Gala last night and said that he’s been able to dedicate a lot more time to his music now that he’s single.

“I’ve been needing some time to focus on my music and you know, [being single has] freed up a lot of creative space for me as a musician and everything. It’s sort of like… you’ve got to roll with life [and] do what’s best for you and do what’s best for everyone,” he said.

It’s nice to know that he’s been able to get something good out of the breakup! While we’re sure it’s not easy, it sounds like he has a lot more time on his hands that he’s able to dedicate to his music.

Since their breakup, Gigi has been spotted out with Joe Jonas a number of times, and while no one knows if they’re just friends or something more, it definitely seems like she’s been keeping busy. She was also spotted at the 2015 Grand Prix in Monaco with all her besties including Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne.