As reported, Bryan Alvarez mentioned on yesterday’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live that WWE offered Patrick Clark a developmental deal with the company after being voted off of this season’s show Tuesday night. Alvarez would go on to mention that Patrick said he couldn’t afford to relocate to Florida so he could train at the Performance Center. After the story came out, Patrick took to his Twitter account to debunk those claims that Alvarez made on the show.

During an interview with Afterbuzz, the former WWE Tough Enough contestant was asked, “what do you think would be better for your future, getting a developmental deal today, or spending a year traveling in the independent scene with your new found fame and then hoping in?”

Patrick would respond to the question by saying that he doesn’t think it would be smart to jump right into a developmental contract if given the choice today. He would go on to say, “hypothetically speaking if I was given a contract today I probably wouldn’t take it only because I know financially right now I’m not stable to the point where I can move down to Florida.”

Even though the part about Patrick being offered a contract is false, he did go on record to say he would turn down the offer if it was presented. You can listen to Patrick’s comments at the 8:40 mark in the video embedded below: