Chris Jericho Talks His Vision For WWE Tough Enough


Check out this new video from the WWE Tough Enough website with host Chris Jericho. Jericho says he wanted to make the show hip & contemporary, like The Voice or American Idol. Jericho’s goal for the show is to have people who don’t follow WWE tune in, as they have done with Total Divas.

– The Tough Enough website also has a quick Q&A up with Ryback, who discussed being on the show years ago. He gave advice to contestants who join this season’s cast:

“I’ve seen guys who spent their entire lives in the military, who are considered “tough guys,” quit after two days. I’ve seen guys come from a mixed martial arts background quit after just a few days. It takes a special mindset, and you have to have a love and a passion for WWE. As long as you respect it when you step in the ring, you’ll be all right. It’s the guys who don’t who fall off.”


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