Chelsea Green Talks WWE Tough Enough Elimination, Her Ankle Injury, Relationship With Tanner

72125Chelsea Green, who was eliminated from WWE Tough Enough last night, spoke with Christian Rosenberg on AfterBuzzTV today. The full audio is below. The following highlights were sent in: Her elimination: ‘When I woke up this morning I think it had sunk in a little bit more. Of course I’m upset but I feel better than I did last night. I’m just gonna keep training, get back in the ring and I’m just using this as a stepping stone to improve and better myself.’ Dealing with the ankle injury: ‘I was put into this competition late and I didn’t have time to take a month off. So I knew that I just had to tape it up, put a brace on it and get back out there and do as much as I could and do it to the best of my abilities and I think I did pretty well.’ Her relationship with Tanner: ‘We were having a good time. We’re stuck in the barracks, we just need to have a good time. Sometimes I had good times with Tanner, sometimes I had good times with the girls and you saw in the hot tub, we were just having fun.’  

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