Can you guess what is common between Shah Rukh Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput?

The Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! shares a habit with King Khan! Read on to find out what we are talking about…

Four films old and Sushant Singh Rajput has joined the league of insomniacs in Bollywood. Quite like SRK, SSR too doesn’t sleep a lot. He reveals he barely gets enough sleep at night, “I cannot sleep for more than two hours at a stretch. My eyes automatically open after two hours and I just can’t go back to sleep. It worried me and to make sure that I had no health disorders, I even went and got myself checked. My doctor said that I was just extremely hyper, that I have absolutely no health issues and that it was just over excitement about things in general,” he laughs.

Though his doctors have given him full marks on the health front, the actor still makes it a point to get himself checked regularly. “I get full body check-ups along with all blood tests, to be doubly sure,” Sushant says.

On a lighter note, he adds that he has been like this since the past couple of years. “When we were in college, my best friend and I once sat down and calculated that if on an average a 30-year-old slept for eight hours a day, he would spend 10 years of his life sleeping. Which means he would actually have lived only 20 years. I want to make the most of all my time,” he explains.

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