Bridgit Mendler recently opened up to Bello about how she acts on social media, and what she decides to share with fans. Bridgit explained, “I probably do feel more self aware on what certain things I comment on online, but I think for the most part I share things about my life, whether that’s a photo of my food or an animal. I’m well aware those things are necessarily fun, but I guess that’s how I do social media; it’s not something I use to rant about things.”

Bridgit also revealed why she is open about sharing details of her life with fans via social media, “I’m not really inhibited to post different things about my social life, because there isn’t much to hide there. I think it all comes down to me being not that wild of a person, so it doesn’t leave much to shelter.”

We think it’s great that Bridgit is aware of what she is posting online, and that she is open to sharing parts of her life with her devoted fans.

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